Tree and Sons

Environmental/sustainability policy statement


Tree and Sons Ltd are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the Company's activities via continuous improvement in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution, and will seek to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility in all its staff, clients as well its community at large. The Directors recognise that in pursuing the company's commercial objectives, there is an opportunity to protect the environment and by exercising proper control over its activities Tree and Sons Ltd will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

Tree and Sons Ltd acknowledges that its activities have an impact on the environment, principally through energy, waste, procurement and construction practices. It will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other requirements to which it subscribes. It will also take such additional measures as it considers necessary such as:

  • to manage and conserve resources, reduce energy, promote waste reduction and recycling and work with its suppliers through the procurement process to promote sustainable development;
  • to integrate environmental management policies and practices into every level and department of Tree and Sons Ltd;
  • to implement an environmental management system and actively work to obtain accreditation to a nationally or internationally recognised environmental management standard;
  • this policy will be made available to the entire Tree and Sons Ltd community and will be part of a broader campaign to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

Tree and Sons Ltd Directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy which will be reviewed annually.